Our team come from all walks of life and are united by their inner 'work-hard-and-make-a-difference' geek...

Our team

User name: Jo Parry, Director

Key search terms: marketer, meerkater (if you’re spelling’s not up to much), psychology enthusiast, fitful writer and shoe maven.

My inner geek loves… psychology and new ideas    



   User name: Joe Baddeley, Head of Operations

   Key search terms: Manager, Motivator, Communicator, Food Lover

   My inner geek loves: Spreadsheets, Databases, Quizzes, The National Trust, Photography 


User name: Feargus Dunlop, Head of Development

Key search terms: Tall, Actor, Writer, Puns

My inner geek loves: Shakespeare, NFL & Golf



   User Name: Luke Binder, General Manager

   Key search terms: Researcher, Cocktail aficionado, calm under pressure

   My inner geek lovesUseless information, Any pub game, Problem solving, Philosophy