Branch works with both small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), as well as global organisations. We build our packages around the specific needs of the organisation we are working with, so no two projects are alike. Branch’s experience with the likes of Fujitsu, IBM and SAP have given insight into the key focus areas/pain points of their target enterprise level organisations. This knowledge allows Branch to uniquely positon client’s propositions to the appropriate decision makers/influencers ensuring that engagements are as prosperous as possible and result in closed business. 

Founded in 1993, Informatica is now the world’s number one provider of data management solutions in the Cloud, on premise or in a hybrid environment. More than 7,000 organisations around the world turn to Informatica for data solutions that power their businesses.

Branch has worked closely with Informatica’s EMEA Financial Services & Commercial enterprise sales team of Strategic Account Managers, Major Account Managers, Territory Managers and Inside Sales. The work by both parties has ensured that Branch have the requisite knowledge to qualify opportunities in the following areas across the Data Lifecycle: Enterprise Data Integration, Data Quality, Cloud Data Integration, Master Data Management, Data Security, Complex Event Processing, Data Replication, Data Masking, Data Virtualisation, Big Data, Data Lineage and Data Archiving.

Branch has also worked on specific pitches related to the relevant pain points of a target or certain named accounts of a historical nature, and/or to current customers to Informatica, for example; security issues relating to the migration of data to the Cloud.

Branch is engaged with Informatica’s EMEA operation focused across Financial Services, Commercial and Public Sectors. During the last year Branch campaigns, have resulted in over 120 qualified opportunities and have resulted in pipeline population with organisations such as HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Allianz.

Branch has also provided Organisational structures and account profiles of key strategic targets for Informatica, which have provided valuable insight and complimented internal Lead Generation activity.

Branch’s relationship with the inside sales team has been invaluable when moving opportunities along the pipeline. Branch is used to ensure the inside sales team’s time is spent in the most productive way - following up on the opportunities, originally created by Branch.

Xceptor (formerly WSI) are a leading provider of a data management platform focused on removing manual intervention in middle and back office operations of major financial organisations. Clients include OCBC, SCB, HSBC and JP Morgan. Branch has been partnered with Xceptor for ten years; over that time, we have become an integral part of their sales process.

Branch has conducted multiple campaigns across EMEA, US and APAC regions and provided over 450 well-qualified engagements over the past year – of which over 75% have led to pipeline opportunities. Branch also conducts ongoing pipeline management to ensure these opportunities, and those from the Internal Sales team are nurtured and result in closed business.

The focus of these campaigns has been identifying opportunities across enterprise level organisations and discovering pain points/generating demand with CxO’s and influencers. Branch supported Xceptor in a campaign focused on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) from initial data research into target organisations/individuals, to following up from Xceptor’s attendance to the NeMa event 2016 - by qualifying opportunities and arranging engagements where a need was identified.

As a result of work Branch has been involved with, Xceptor has secured contracts with companies such as Citibank, HSBC and State Street. In addition, the current pipeline has over 30 qualified opportunities at quotation stage with a value of over £40 million.

As a direct result of Branch’s work over the last three years, Xceptor has signed deals worth in excess of £6 million, with professional services making up 50% of revenue. An example of a closed deal is a State Street contract at the value of £2 million.