Account-Based Marketing through 6 key stages of practical activity, this allows for both efficient use of effort into an account and maximum chance of moving the account to opportunity stage, and ultimately close new business.

1. Company Briefing
Briefing session between Branch & an Account Manager to define messaging and identify target accounts, including any company history or prioritisation.

2. Initial Research
Branch will focus initial research on building prospect lists of Senior Employees within the key areas/roles that have been identified, i.e. Marketing. This will be aligned with previous efforts from the account manager to enrich intelligence. 

3. Initial Calling
Branch will follow this initial research with calling into the accounts to validate the account. This will ensure calls are able to reach the target via switchboard/an appropriate route and collect account intelligence in order to produce the Account Profile. This enables further consideration as to if the account should have more focus, depending on demand and traction achieved.

4. Account Profiling
Branch will use the information gathered in the initial calling and presented in the Account Profile, to liaise with your Account Managers, and adjust live Accounts accordingly. This deeper dive of account research will develop a strategic account profile. This can include: Influence Mapping, Intel/Insight into organisation, Existing systems etc.

5. Extended Calling
Stage 2 calling will then be focused on accounts with the most traction. From the work completed in Stage 4, Branch will have a much wider data set from which to build the business case with the senior target decision maker(s). This will also support the Account Managers and allow their time to be utilised on live demos and in face to face meetings etc.

6. Opportunity Creation
The previous 5 stages will have cultivated and nurtured an Opportunity, built around the senior target decision markers – it will allow your Account Manager to build the business case and look to close the Opportunity.