Branch Lead Generation campaigns are precision targeted and qualified. We work with our clients to understand their sales processes and where the relevant stakeholders within desirable organisations are likely to be found. We then use our experience to make contact, generate interest in our clients’ proposition and schedule an engagement (telephone call, remote demonstration or face to face meeting) between our client and the target individual.

Branch never guarantee a number of dials per day, nor do we use tightly constructed scripts as we believe this creates stilted impersonal conversations which are ultimately unproductive. Rather, we educate our team on the proposition and the various pain points targets might be experiencing and the team then build pitches that include various segments of knowledge. The Lead Generation team engage targets in genuine conversations and draw upon the different sections of the pitch as appropriate.

Lead Generation campaigns can provide an immediate and sustained boost to established sales activity. When a client knows who their customers are and the sectors in which they can be found, Branch Lead Generation team can locate the exact individual and schedule an engagement to allow our clients’ sales team to go out and win more new business.

Lead Generation campaigns are heavily reliant on the data, but assuming there is sufficient data and a proven product the campaigns produce between six and twenty engagements per month.