At Branch, we believe Research is the foundation of any successful project.

We work with our clients to understand exactly what problem we are addressing and what the long term objective is, to ensure our goals are aligned. Research can be a vague term, but not at Branch - we have a proven model which ensures clear results and large return on investment. This model we term Competitor Analysis.

There are two key Areas of Competitor Analysis; Existing markets for market displacement & market testing in new markets.

Branch will conduct Primary Research into these areas by sourcing up to date accurate Data of the market and speaking with relevant personnel within those organisations to gain information and profile the company.

Can you confidently answer the following questions and be in a position to displace competitors in the market?

  • Who are your competitors?
  • Who are their clients?
  • What do they look like? How big are their clients?
  • Are they happy with their current provider?
  • When is their contact up for renewal?
  • Is there an opportunity to displace the competitor and gain the client?
  • What do/don’t they offer?
  • Who are the relevant contacts within these organisations?
  • Would they like to meet with you?
  • Is your data and information up to date and reliable?

We can answer this information for you! And give you valuable insight into the market(s).

Case Study – BigHand

BigHand are Global Leaders in Digital dictation with a particular focus on the Legal Sector in the UK. BigHand wanted to know who their major competitor's clients were in order to undertake a lead Generation campaign with the strategic objective of market displacement. BigHand undertook our competitor analysis model and Branch provided account profiles of over 100 of their competitor's clients. This information gave valuable insight into the market and has led directly to new business and helped to achieve their strategic objective of market displacement.